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Research Assistants


Lucía Cañas Fuertes (BA in Political Science and International Relations in UC3M) is a Double Degree student in International Studies and Political Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid, where she is also doing a minor in Sociology. She is currently working as a research assistant at the D-Lab. Her main interests revolve around gender, sexuality, and migration studies. She has always had a passion for social issues linked to discrimination. In addition, she has a passion for languages, to which she dedicates a large part of his training hours since her childhood.


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Toni Gamundí (BA in Political Sciences in Universitat de Barcelona) is Research Assistant at the D-Lab as well as MA in Social Sciences student at the IC3JM. Previously, he studied a Bachelor in Political Science and a postgraduate course on data analysis at the University of Barcelona. His research interests lie at the intersection between political economy and social stratification –with a special focus on ethno-racial discrimination–, and combines the use of observational data, quasi-experimental methods, and survey experiments.



Niklas Rodríguez Reintjes is currently Research Assistant at D-Lab. He studied a double degree in Political Science and Sociology at UC3M. He then completed a Master's degree in Anthropology: Management of Cultural Diversity, Cultural Heritage and Development at the University of Seville. He has worked as a research assistant for Professor Alvaro La Parra (Weber State University) and for the Juan March Institute of Social Sciences (UC3M). His main research interests are inequality, social structure and sociology of labour and social change.


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