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The D-Lab includes five interconnected labs

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The behavioural lab carries out experimental lab research on inequality-relevant behaviour

Head of the lab: Tarek Jaber-López & Luis Miller

Research team: Amalia Álvarez-Benjunea, Francisco Herreros, Tarek Jaber-López, Raúl López-Pérez, Luis Miller, Turkay Nefes, Isabel Rodríguez  

Mission: To carry out innovative lab research on inequaity-relevant behaviour, with special attention to the role of norms, informtion deficits, cognitive shortcuts and biases, identity and ingroup-outgroup dynamics, amonst others. 

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The field-experimental lab carries out online correspondence tests on hiring discrimination

Head of the lab: Javer G. Polavieja

Fieldwork coordinator: Javier Carrerro

Fieldwork team: Lucía Cañas, Javer Carrero, Toni Gamundi, Niklas Rodriguez,  

Mission: To carry out cutting-edge field-experimental research on hiring discrimination using computer-assisted online correspondence tests. To this end we have developed a unique software infrastructure we call SAdIE. You can learn more about SAdIE here



The innovation lab fosters methodological innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration

Head of the lab: Javier Polavieja 

Research team: Amalia-Álvarez-Benjunea, Javier Carrero, Toni Gamundi, Francisco Herreros, Tarek Jaber-Lopez, Luis Miller, Turkay Nefes, Javier Polavieja, Isabel Rodriguez  

Mission:  The i-lab's mission is i) to  design and implement innovative research methods (e,g, the  SISTER method), ii) to explore and monitor the use of new  research technologies (specially, generative AI), and iii)  to foster collaboration with researchers from the natural sciences in projects related to the study of inequality and dicrimination. 

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The survey-experimental lab carries out online survey experiments

Head of the lab: Francisco Herreros 

Research team: Amalia-Álvarez-Benjunea, Toni Gamundi, Luis Miller, Turkay Nefes, Javier Polavieja, Isabel Rodriguez  

Mission: The s-lab mission is to design and implement online survey experiments on topics related to inequality and discrimination, including, amongst others, atttitudes towards minorities, ethnic and political identities and polarization, the role of visceral emotions on prejudice and xenophobia, the determinants of interethinc trust, or the role of culture as a determinant of atatinment-related behaviour. 

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The web-experimental lab carries out online experimental research on the web 

Head of the lab: Amalia Alvarez-Benjunea & Turkay Nefes

Research team: Amalia Álvarez-Benjunea, Francisco Herreros, Luis Miller, Turkay Nefes, Isabel Rordriguez  

Mission: To carry oyt cutting-edge web-experimental research on online behaviour , with particular interest on hate speech, interpresonal trust, hoax difuusion,  conspiracy theories, etnic and political polarization and discrimination.

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