Research at the lab

Recent, ongoing & planned               

  1. Developing scraping and advanced implementation software for online field-experimental research

  2. Racism in Spain? Testing for phenotype-based D

  3. Phenotype-based D in three European countries

  4. The Latino second generation in Spain: Is there D in employment? 

  5. Latinos in Spain and the US: A field experiment on D

  6. D against Moroccans’ second generation? Comparing the Netherlands and Spain

  7. Cultural distance and D in five European countries

  8. Religious D in five European countries

  9. Positive D? EU migrants in Europe

  10. How do employers detect ethnicity in written applications: Testing ethnic name recognition using online surveys

  11. Discriminating fast? Attention bias and unconscious D

  12. Does the name matter for D: A field-experiment using Morrocan names

  13. Segmented assimilation in the Spanish labour market

  14. Are migrants selected on motivational orientations?

  15. Migrants’ occupational attainment across European destinations: Can we identify policy effects?

  16. Labour-market competition, recession, and anti-immigrant attitudes 

  17. New epidemiological approaches to estimate the exogenous impact of culture: The SISTER method

  18. Spanish new migration into northern Europe: Expectations, motives and experiences at destination

  19. Mapping perceived D in Europe