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Javier Polavieja (Oxford University Ph.D. in Sociology, 2001) is Banco Santander Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social Sciences and Director of the D-Lab at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His main fields of research are social stratification, political sociology and migration research. His work has been published in leading international journals including, amongst others, the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, European Sociological Review, Socio-Economic Review, Social Forces, International Migration Review, Labour Economics, Political Behavior, Electoral Studies, Social Indicators Research and International Migration. In 2015, he was appointed Fellow of the European Academy of Sociology.

Research Fellows


Javier Blanco García-Lomas is a programmer currently based at Toulon, France, as well as ICT Fellow at the D-Lab, UC3M. Since 2016, he has provided key professional services to the lab. Javier co-programmed SAdIE, the Scraping and Advanced Implementation Engine we use for our online field-experiments. He also provides expert technical advice on the online surveys carried out at the lab.


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Khatia Nadaraia (MA in Social Sciences, Carlos III-Juan March Institute, 2019) is a predoctoral fellow at the D-Lab , University Carlos III Madrid. Her research interests include early childhood experiences and adult outcomes; social sources of stress and health inequalities; as well as individual perceptual factors that make psychological stress stressful. Specifically, she is interested in which exogenous regularities operate nowadays that create recurrent psychological stress, and thus have severe consequences on population health and well-being. Her PhD thesis (supervised by Prof. Javier Polavieja) draws on the interdisciplinary framework of stress research and investigates the lasting consequences of early childhood material deprivation on self-regulation, and cognition in later in life. 


Carolina V. Zuccotti (European University Institute, PhD in Political and Social Sciences, 2015) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow (MSCA-IF-GF) at the University Carlos III Madrid and visiting lecturer in its Master of Social Sciences. Her research interests include: social inequality & stratification; ethnicity & migration; spatial segregation, neighboruhood effects and residential mobility; and quantitative methods. Her MSCA project, GLAM - Global South Migration and Comparative Integration: A Study of South American Migrants, studies South American migrants’ integration patterns using a multisite approach. Her work has been published in international journals, including Sociology, International Migration Review, Population, Space and Place, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Work, Employment and Society.

Maricia Fischer-Souan (PhD in Sociology, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 2020) is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at  the Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (OSC), Sciences Po Paris, and at the Centre d'Études et de Recherches Internationaless (CÉRIUM), University of Montreal. She is also a Research Fellow at the D-Lab.  Her research focuses on immigration in the European Union, both of EU and non-EU nationals, with special attention to issues of identity formation and motivations for migration. Maricia has collaborated in the Growth Equal opportunities Migrations and Markets project (GEMM), funded by the European Union.  She is experienced in qualitative fieldwork and data analysis with a specific focus on semi-structured interviews with migrants in France, Great-Britain, Germany, and Spain.

Associate Fellows

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Daniel Ramírez Smith (PhD in Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University 2021) is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Economy, Geography, and Demography  (CSIC) and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a Research Fellow at the D-Lab. His research focuses on social stratification, mortality, and immigration, with a special interest in how conflict and early life adversity has long lasting effects on health trajectories. The current highlight of his work focuses on how disruptive events such as wars or famines have long lasting effects on chronic condition prevalences in later life. An additional interest that Daniel is currently focusing on is how terrorist attacks shift attitudes towards immigrants. He is experienced in applied statistical analysis and demographic techniques.

The Fieldwork Team  

Fieldwork Coordinator


Javier Carrero Rodríguez (MA in Social Sciences, Carlos III-Juan March Institute, 2021) is a predoctoral fellow as well as ICT fellow at the D-Lab, UC3M. He has been working as research technician at the D-Lab since 2018. Javier participated in the development of the latest version of SAdIE 2.0, the software we use in our online field-experiments, and he is currently in charge of its maintenance and fine-tuning as software developer. He is also the fieldwork coordinator of the experiments of the laboratory. His academic interests include social stratification, the welfare state, electoral behavior, and political communication.


Research Assistants

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Paloma Abril Poncela (Double Degree in Law and Global Governance, ESADE Law School, 2020) is Research Assistant and Community Manager at the D-Lab as well as student in the Master in Social Sciences at Carlos IIIJuan March Institute. Her research interests include the political economy of climate change, gender inequality and discrimination and electoral behavior. She is also currently collaborating with the European Environmental Bureau in matters of research and divulgation in the framework of COP27, which was held in Egypt in 2022.


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Fabio Bolz (BA in Social Sciences, Humboldt University, 2020) is Research  Assistant at the D-Lab as well as student in the Master in Social Sciences at Carlos III-Juan March Institute. Prior to that, he completed a Bachelor in Social Sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin and worked as a student assistant at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. His research interests include social stratification, life course research and labor markets.



Lucía Cañas Fuertes (BA in Political Science and International Relations in UC3M) is a Double Degree student in International Studies and Political Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid, where she is also doing a minor in Sociology. She is currently working as a research assistant at the D-Lab. Her main interests revolve around gender, sexuality, and migration studies. She has always had a passion for social issues linked to discrimination. In addition, she has a passion for languages, to which she dedicates a large part of his training hours since her childhood.


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Toni Gamundí (BA in Political Sciences in Universitat de Barcelona) is Research Assistant at the D-Lab as well as MA in Social Sciences student at the IC3JM. Previously, he studied a Bachelor in Political Science and a postgraduate course on data analysis at the University of Barcelona. His research interests lie at the intersection between political economy and social stratification –with a special focus on ethno-racial discrimination–, and combines the use of observational data, quasi-experimental methods, and survey experiments.



Javier San Millán Tejedor is Research Assistant at the D-Lab as well as a MSc City Design and Social Science student at the London School of Economics within the La Caixa Fellowship Programme. He previously studied a Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Law at UC3M. His research interests focus on urban sociology, spatial segregation, neighborhood effects, and socio-ethnic discrimination. Javier has previously worked as an intern in the Directorate of Education of the OECD and has collaborated with the UC Berkeley Center of Community Innovation.

Former team members: Fátima Ezzamouri, Mariña Fernández-Reino and María Ramos were former Research Fellows at the D-Lab. Alejandro Arias, Mar Cañizares, Eric Castillo-Patton, Sara Dominguez, Irem Karaçau, and  Isabel Molero were UC3M students working part-time as RAs at the D-Lab; Victor Perez-Segura was full-time Lab Assistant. 

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