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The team

Directed by Javier Polavieja, the D-Lab assembles an excellent team of talented young researches at various stages of their evolving careers

Javier Polavieja Sociólogo Español

Javier Polavieja (Oxford University PhD in Sociology, 2001) is Banco Santander Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social Sciences and Director of the D-Lab at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His main fields of research are social stratification, political sociology and migration research. His work has been published in leading international journals including, amongst others, the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, European Sociological Review, Social Forces, Labour Economics, International Migration, the Socio-Economic Review and Social Indicators Research, as well as in the leading Spanish academic journals in the social sciences. In 2015, he was appointed Fellow of the European Academy of Sociology.

Javier Blanco García-Lomas is a programmer currently based at Marseille, France, as well as ICT Fellow at the D-Lab, UC3M. Since 2016, he has provided key professional services to the lab. Javier co-programmed SAdIE, the Scraping and Advanced Implementation Engine we use for our online field-experiments, and he is currently in charge of its maintenance and fine-tuning. He also provides expert technical advice on the online surveys carried out at the lab and he is responsible of cybersecurity.


Javier Carrero Rodríguez is Research Assistant at the D-Lab as well as a 6th year student of Law and Political Science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His academic interests include social inequality, the welfare state, electoral behaviour and political communication. In addition, Javier is a collaborator of the project "Consultas Ciudadanes".


Fátima Ezzamouri is Research Assistant at the D-Lab as well as a 6th year student of Law and Political Science. Her academic interests are focused on project management and design of public policies in matters related to gender and immigration, a field to which she would like to dedicate herself professionally as a consultant. In addition, Fátima is a collaborator of "Hijabi Plus" (the first magazine in Spain dedicated to Muslim women) and a mentor in Technovation Challenge.  

Maricia Fischer-Souan (MSc in European Studies, LSE-SciencesPo.Paris 2010) is a PhD student at the Social Sciences Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on immigration in the European Union, both of EU and non-EU nationals, with especial attention  to issues of identity formation and motivations for migration.  Maricia is currently collaborating in the Growth Equal opportunities Migrations and Markets project (GEMM), funded by the European Union.  She is experienced in qualitative fieldwork and data analysis with a specific focus on semi-structured interviews with migrants in France, Great-Britain, Germany and Spain.


İrem Karaçay (LL.B. in Istanbul University, 2016) is Research Assistant at the D-Lab and a second year student in the Master in Social Sciences at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute of Social Sciences. Her academic interests include social stratification, ethnic discrimination, immigration, social inequality, sociology of law and sociology of language, with a particular interest in the effect of bilingualism and multilingualism on educational inequality. In addition, İrem is an attorney-at-law registered to Istanbul Bar Association.  

María Ramos (PhD in Economics, UAH 2016) is currently Research Fellow at the D-Lab where she works in the implementation and analysis of our field-experiment on ethnic discrimination in the Spanish labour market . During her doctoral studies, she did research stays at the University of Essex and at the European University Institute in Florence. Her main research interests include labour economics, educational mismatches and migration research. Her work has been published in the Euroean Sociological Reseach and Social Inclusion. 

Former Research Assistants: Alejandro Arias, Mar Cañizares, Eric Castillo-Patton, Sara Dominguez and  Isabel Molero were UC3M students working part-time at the D-LabArturo Nieto is an external collaborator. RAs are valuable resources in the data production process. Their tasks involve, for example, monitoring the right functioning of SAdIE, attending and registering call-backs, formatting the data for posterior analysis and transcribing qualitative data.

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