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Research at the lab

We use multiple research methods at the lab             

  1. Field-experimemtal research is used to

    • estimate the magnitude of D

    • test for different mechanisms of D 

  2. Advanced statistical methods for observational data are used to

    • estimate ethnic gaps in labour market performance

    • study migrants' occupational attainment 

    • study migrants' selectivity

    • study the determinants of native's attitudes towards migration

    • study perceived D

  3. The SISTER method (originally developed by the PI) is used to

    • estimate the  causal effect of culture on labour-market behaviour​

  4. Online survey research is used to

    • perform several anciliary plausibility test for the treatments used in our field experiments (e.g. name recognition)

  5. Photo manipulation methods are used to

    • manipulate the phenotype treatments in field experiments​

  6. Qualitative methods (in-depth interviews and focus groups) are used to

    • investigate the lived experiences of migration​ (motivations, perceived D, identity boundary formation, etc)

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